Download Eve Online Alarm Freeware

Eve Online Jetcan Macro  v.0.1

This is a mining tool for EVE Online

EVE Online for Mac OS  v.Tyrannis

The universe is yours to own. Seek out fame. Seek out fortune. Seek out the most feared pirates and make your mark. With over hundreds of thousands of pilots existing within one persistent universe, create your own epic story - from the moment you

EVE Online Emulator (EVEmu)  v.b.0.6.253

A server emulator for EVE Online to allow private servers and offline

EvE Online IGB - PHPBB Interface  v.bb3.beta4

This project is designed to create an interface to go between the EvE-Online InGame Browser and PHPBB. Code is available directly via the SourceForge subversion system. Changes can be made by SVN

Eve Online OmberZombie  v.1.0

A little helper for EVE-Online. with Database fetching and handling routines for Eve Online. API and Raw web based functions. GUI and structure templates. Mining, Character, Bussiness, Analyzer, Infos, Market, EveMath, Parsers and more areas are

EVE Online Multiple Accounts Project  v.1.0

The EVE Online Multiple Accounts script (eomultiacct) allows Mac OSX users of the game to easily create multiple instances of the EVE Online client. This is particularly useful for users who run multiple accounts simultaneously.

EvE Online : WebWars  v.1.0

This project is an online, browser based, space combat and trading game that will be written with PHP. The game is based on the EvE Online universe.

EVE-online organizer  v.1.0

Intended to help EVE online gamers(esp. diplomats/CEO/officers/traders) to organize their work and data. Provides centralized access to market data across regions.

A feature-rich killboard for EVE Online  v.1.0

A fast and feature-rich PHP & MySQL based killboard for the MMORPG EVE Online.

Eve Online Market Statistics  v.1.0

A tool for calculating and displaying statistics for eve online markets.

Ger EVE Online Emulator  v.1.0

Ein Eve-Online Server Emulator, der es erlaubt das EVE-Online auf Privaten Servern oder im Lan zu spielen.

PEVE - PHP EVE-Online Character Manager  v.1.0

Class for managing EVE Accounts.Uses the API of EVE-Online.

EVE Online Private Server  v.1.0

This is a project for create an EvE Online private server,but i search help for this,for more info contact me on:

Clan system for EVE Online  v.1.0

Well, after some time of playing EVE online I decided to create dynamic web-based + desktop application system to help clan leaders and members to track materialistic and gang info to reduce time spent on everyday communication.

EVE Online Alliance Managment Suite  v.1.0

EVE AMS (EVE Online Alliance Managment Suite) is a Web-based suite of useful tools for EVE Online gamers such as: KillBoard, POS Manager, Manufacture Manager, Character Manager, Fit Manager, StarMap, Forum and RSS parser. (Eng|Rus|etc)

Eve Online Skill Trainer  v.0.1

This is a very useful utility for EVE Online

Ale - API Library for EvE-Online  v.0.50.3

Ale is a PHP 5 EvE / EvE-Central API, see also The forum thread for this work is

LCJE EVE Online Mining Tool  v.1.3

This tool will help you maximize your profit as a miner in Eve

Eve-Online Planner  v.rc.0.6

A complete character planning tool for the MMORPG

Eve-Online Mining Timer  v.1.0

Timer Program that notifies you, by playing a sound, when you next mining cycle starts. It also gives approximate info on how much ore you have mined in the current

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